As I made my daily browse through my favorite design blogs today, I was proud to see that Metropolis Mag’s POV blog’s first two articles have MN connections!

The new book on Public Interest Design internships, ‘Bridging the Gap’ , is reviewed by John Cary; its an excellently accurate review as well, from what I can tell being almost through my recently received copy. MN Connection: the University of Minnesota College of Design’s very own dean, Thomas Fisher, is one of the 14 contributors to the book. (

Second, a post about Studio Dror. MN Connection U of M’s College of Design has hosted Dror Benshetrit as a Spring graduate module instructor in past years and will electronically-hosting him as an instructor this next spring term 2012. The module gives students a hands on opportunity to do similar work to what is highlighted in the Metropolis article. (


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I'm a graduate student in my final semester of my Master's of Architecture degree at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN. I'm a born & raised Minnesotan, but I love to travel. My husband, Andrew, and I both have extensive experience in East Africa and continue to work with an organization serving AIDS orphans in Arusha, Tanzania. My interests in architecture lie in the field of Public Interest Design; I hope to work for a firm and/or start my own firm that is committed to meeting the needs of the poor both locally and globally through Architecture. View all posts by clons

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